The biggest thing to happen to South Asian matchmaking.

Available for iOS and Android

The biggest thing to happen to South Asian matchmaking.

Quality South Asians. Meaningful relationships. Over 1 million matches made.

Available for iOS and Android

So much more. Yet so much less.

Verified profiles

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram verification gives you the largest pool of quality South Asians. All in the palm of your hands.


Advanced technology

Proprietary machine-learning algorithms do the work for you to find personalized matches. Without interrogating you or getting you bogged down in minute details and huge profiles.

Featured Success Stories

If you've found your match on Dil Mil, simply email We love to do exclusive things for our couples. (For other help email

We know what you want. And what you don’t want.


Anonymous decision-making. 5-second ephemeral photos. In-app messaging. Guaranteed to keep your privacy intact.


Facebook sign-in and photo use. Streamlined reporting. Quick support team. Maintains a safe environment and ensures that what you see is what you get.


Fast, easy onboarding. Short profiles with only the necessary information. No limits or time constraints on matches. Makes the most of your valuable time.

We’re here for you.


Like your own, on-call personal matchmaker.

Don’t rely on family and friends who like to play cupid. Or on profiles run by parents and siblings.

Or on applications that require an endless amount of background information yet still can’t deliver what you want. Rely on Dil Mil.

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Available for iOS and Android

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